Using Newspaper Ads For Store Closing Sale


Although newspaper ads no longer produce the same results that they have in the past, they should still be considered when choosing which marketing tools to use. When deciding if you are going use newspaper ads, follow these guidelines. 

1. Determine your store’s prime market area. That is the area that the majority of your customers either work or live. In urban areas a store’s market area is usually a 2 – 5 mile radius around the store. In rural areas it can go out much farther. 

2. Now you can begin to decide which newspaper to use to advertise your Store Closing Sale. Review the circulation map of the newspapers under consideration. If a newspaper has a large circulation, but most of it falls outside of your prime market area, it is not a good choice. You want to choose the newspaper that provides the best coverage for your prime market area. That could be a newspaper with a much smaller total circulation, but one that covers your prime market area better. 

3. Always choose a newspaper that has editorial copy and paid circulation such as a weekly or metro daily. Free papers without editorial such as “shoppers” do not usually produce the results you need. The best choice is a “weekly” paper for a local market that has local editorial copy and paid circulation. 

4. If you have more than one choice that meets the criteria, choose the one with the lowest rate per column inch for each 1000 circulation. 

5. Always place the ad for best readership. The first section is always the best. The right hand side of the page has the best readership, so pages 3,5,7,9, or the back page is your best choice. 

6. The size of your ad is very important. You need to dominate the page. A half page ad that extends above the horizontal center and to the right of vertical center will always dominate the page. A quarter page ad can also dominate the page if it is the largest ad on the page and is to the right of vertical center. 

7. Always measure the results of any ad you run. Your measurement can be based on overall sales on the day the ad broke through the weekend, or measure the sales of the advertised items. You can also include a coupon with a special offer if the customer brings it into the store. 

8. Do not continue to advertise in that newspaper if you do not get results. Consider using other forms of advertising such as flyers, direct mail, email, radio or TV.


Chuck Haug

CCH Consulting, LLC


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